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Youth council

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Group of young people


Think you can...

  • Change something about your area?
  • Make sure young people get their voices heard?
  • Influence decision-makers?

Take part in youth participation activities across the borough.

Wandsworth Youth Council logo

Wandsworth Youth Council

A group of 30 young people making sure young people's voices are heard by politicians and decision makers. Contact Antonia:

  • Wandsworth Youth Council poster - a recruitment poster to print and display in your centre
  • Wandsworth Youth Council application form - apply to be part of the Youth Council and help young people make decisions about their community!
  • Play Youth Forum - young people making decisions that affect Play centres in Wandsworth.
  • CLICK - a group for young people aged 13-16 who are looked after by the council.

The Wandsworth Youth Health Jury

This is for young people aged 16 - 25 years to voice their opinions on health services in Wandsworth.

A health jury leaflet telling you more about the group and how you can get involved.

The Wandsworth Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF)

This is a grant that young people can apply for to run a project or activity or to purchase equipment or spruce up their building. Grant applications can be made up to £5,000.

More information on the YOF.

Contact YOF :

  • YOF poster - a information poster to print and display in your centre about the Youth Opportunity Fund - a fund for young people to access etc.
  • YOF panel application form - an application form to be part of the YOF panel/ Youth Council
  • YOF application form and guidance notes - how to apply for up to £5,000 of YOF funding for your project or put towards building costs

Police Youth Think Tank

For young people and the Police to meet and identify barriers and solutions about Community Safety in Wandsworth. Contact Gil:

Wandsworth Young Inspectors

A group of young people that go and inspect services and help them improve e.g. schools, leisure centres, council offices etc. Contact Antonia:

Youth Participation Training

These courses aim to raise awareness of youth participation, train and develop staff in new and innovative techniques for involving young people in decision making. Each course is two hours long.

  • Youth Participation The basics. Why you should involve young people in decisions that affect them. For all staff.
  • Building a culture of youth participation. How to support your team to involve young people in decisions that affect them. For managers.
  • Creative ways to involve young people in decision making. For all staff.